EASY FORM HARD was an installation and text both dealing how we use and perform within the exhibiton space, as spectators, and artists and as works of art. The straight lines of tape supposed a system, with different drawings, notes and 65 words in silver vinyl spread around the walls.

A wall piece performed both as a mural and as an extention of the space, fabulating
on art history, myth-making, traversing in between image and reality - referencing to theory and thoughts that an essay unfolded within the publication, intended as a hand- held guide to the performative discourse.

Three times within the space a performance occurred where I, as the artist, performed as a mediator and medium in the space, as an appearing form, sculputural living body, I performed a text about the process of looking at art, and images, and imagining a reality beyond the picture plane.


Staged at Galler REDAN, Amiralsgatan Malmö (SE)

21/03-20/04 2024


Read the EASY FORM HARD-essay here