DAY 1 ”EYE/illusion” 

DAY 2 ”LASSO /postions” 

DAY 3 ”HAND/ rigid body” 

DAY 4 ”SPELLS/exposé” 

DAY 5 ”PLAN/site

 LASSOO was a five-day developing performance using the exhibition space as a site for rehearsal. Every day the cardboards would change around in the space and two new would become the 

headliners for the day. 

Starting the sequence of performances in the installation period, only the three last performances were visible to the public. The performance would happen once a day, when not happening a soundpiece with the text from the current day would be looping in the space. 

Every day the performance would take the past day’s experience and incorporate it into the new piece. A text relating to today’s headline and a soundpiece would be prepared from day to day. 

Using street chalk, the happening in the space would make notes and traces on the floor, to be used for the next days’ happenings, and the audience who was not present at the time of the happening, to track what had been happening within the space. 


LASSOO was a part of the exhbition ”NO SET NO RISE” curated by Christine Dahlerup at Galleri Q in Copenhagen, March 2021