As an answer to an invitation from Kunsternes Hus in Oslo, HORIZONS reflects on the situation of having an artistic process whilst being in a lock-down. In the studio, a staged performance intertwines The Four Riders of the Apocalypse (from John's Revelation) with the song "In High Places" by Mike Oldfield (1987).

The conversation during HORIZONS reassembles thoughts of doubt and loneliness, staging an inner conflict of the artist, seemingly having to create a performance for a non-existent audience.

Through the lines we might gain insight into how languages ​​can create myths or change our perception of reality.

The presentation also relates to the artist's working method; with spontaneous statements and with questions, the intention is to invite the viewer to join the conversation.

HORIZONS is an ongoing project that focuses on queer history, and how to use past stories and experiences as tools to build new strategies for a shared future; to counter the usual, normative and self-justifying logical flow in today's society.


MAY 2020