In the exhibition the guest would step into a waitingroom. Several posters announcing the time for a performance, and a sign-up sheet makes it clear that we are waiting for a guided tour to happen. Meanwhile one can spend his/her waiting time looking into the magazine with notes and drawings for the performance, at the visual storyboard, or serve himself a glass of freshly made lemonade.

The guided tour would happen in five chapters and wanted with it’s trajetory to horizontalize how to experience a performace. During the tour the participants would be activated through listening, reading and conversations. The tour happenedbetween the two spaces, an exhibition space and a studio space. It put to question what a process is, contra what a piece is. Important wasthe activisation of the participators, and being together in doing something ”new” or ”different” in an everyday setting.

Documentation from Kunstakademeties Bachelorutstilling 2019
Oslo / May 2019