(staring to see a reflection,

  travelling through going beyond the distance)

Beyond the curtain was something we could not see – yet.


The surface proposes a mirror.


We hear the ocean in the conch. The deep shiny blue unfolds before our eyes. The soundwaves creates the images of a vast space for ideas to unfold.


Sound needs a medium to travel through. Hey! Me too.


The presence of something can illuminate the new path for us to go forward.


The installation is a narrative.

A showdown with logical thinking.


A Note on                          

a) how to open up for new trajectories and perspectives.
b) the presence of production as a magical veil.
c) creating memories and collecting things being kind of the same thing.


Let’s not take anything for granted. If Hermes can go back and forth, so can we.


The doors are open.

[1] WAVE




[5] BODY


[7] DOOR

The seven textiles of "EPIC SURFACE" was a part of an installation done in the courtyard at Vigelandsmuseet in Oslo, for the occasion of "PIKNIK I PARKEN 2018"

The curtain was installed across the courtyard to address the processing of sound, when it travels from its source into the audience and transforms into something else through ideas. 

The notes on yellow textiles are taken from the essay ”to hear the ocean in a conch”.

/ June 2018