Niels Munk Plum (1992, Sønderborg DK) Lives and works between Copenhagen, Oslo and Malmö.

He works with staging narratives through performance, sound, photography, installation and text.




Niels Munk Plum works with unfixing expectations to already existing systems of logic. 

Through his stagings he questions the distance in between reality and fiction, but also how we perceive a context of art, - looking at aesthetic gestures in contrast to given social patterns, which we manoeuvre within daily. 

Plum’s work, conceptual in nature, interweaves text, photography, sound and installations into several parallel narratives staged through performances or participatory acts. The work acts like a catalyst for new ideas to enter the space and exists in an open landscape created by the artist, however with a position which constantly must be re-evaluated through the gaze of viewer. 



2020-22              / MFA / Malmö Art Academy (SE)

2016-19              / BFA / Oslo National Academy of the Arts (NO)

2018                   / MATERIAL?! with Yorgos Sapountzis / Summer Academy Salzburg (AT)

2017-18              / Erasmus Belas Artes Ulisboa (PT)

2015                   / Creative Writing Course - Gladiatorskolen (DK)

2013-2014          / Fatamorgana – The Danish School of Art Photography (DK)  x

2012-2013          / BGK – Sønderjyllands Kunstskole (DK)


shows :


2022            - "Jeg kaller det kunst" Opening Exhibition in the Light Hall of The National Museum in Oslo NO 


2021 May    - SPELLING / Annual Year Exhibition Art Academy Malmö (Digital)


2021 March "No Set No Rise" at Galleri Q, Copenhagen DK

2020 December through to April - "Touching 2022", interactive online group exhibition

2020 Oct-Dec - Actor in "THE RADICAL FLU - a radio play" with Rose Hammer at Oslo Bienalen, Oslo NO

2020 July - "SPONTAN RELIEF" at Atelier 2, Kunstnernes Hus, Solo exhibition/performance, Oslo NO

2020 April - Atelierportrætter by the FKDS-stipends at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo NO

2019 July -  "PERLER", group exhibition curated by Mette Frandsen as a part of Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen DK

2019 May - Actor in ”Grini and the futures of Norway” with Rose Hammer at Oslo Bienalen 2019, Oslo NO

2019 May - ”FLOW_CHALLENGE” for ”In Your Court” at Jennifer Artspace, Gothenburg SE

2019 May - ”TWO SPACES” a part of Kunstakademiets Bachelorutstilling 2019 at Ila Pensjonat, Oslo NO

2019 May - ”3 COLOURS” as a part of ”Det Ikke Styrte” formidlingsseminar at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo NO

2019 January/Febuary - "3 COLOURS" as a part of Destiny's Gratinée at Kunstnernes Hus, performance, Oslo NO

2018 December - "The ongoing is really going on" at KHIO, curated exhibition and performance programme, Oslo NO

2018 November - "Cut it in Two Halves" at After School Special, Kunsthall Bergen, performance, Bergen NO

2018 November - "I Breeze into the Next Minute" at KHIO, collab exhibition w Zishi Han , Oslo NO

2018 August - "Every Breath You Take" at Salzburg Summer Academy, Performance, Salzburg AT

2018 August - "Guided Mirabell Tour Livestream" between Salzburg & Oslo, Bingo Night @ Ingensteds, NO/AT

2018 June - "EPIC_SURFACE" at Vigelands Museet @ Piknik i Parken, Installation, Oslo NO

2018 March - "Sensing Time (...)" at Kunstnernes Hus, Group show, Installation/Performance, Oslo NO

2018 March - "Futura Classics A/S" at Galleri Seilduken, Group show, Installation, Oslo NO

2018 February - Reading in CPH READS program by Forlaget Cris & Guldmann, Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen DK

2018 January - "DAWN_OF_DAY" at Belas Artes Ulisboa, Installation/performance, Lisbon PT

2017 November - "Get serious!" at P0 Gallery, Group Show, reading, Oslo NO

2017 September - "RAINBOW_SNAKE" at Sexy Bydel, performance, Oslo NO

2017 August - "DESIRE_PATH" at the opening of KHIO 2017/18, performance, Oslo NO

2017 June - "Mail Art Exhibition" at Galleri Kvit, Curated Group Show, zine, Copenhagen DK

2017 March - "Lemonade" at Romlab, KHIO, Solo Show/Performance, Oslo NO

2016 November - "Kvit 1 år!" at Galleri Kvit, Group Exhibition, photographs, Copenhagen DK

2016 September - "Sex with Me so Amazing" at Galleri Seilduken, Group Exhibition, installation, Oslo NO

2016 September - "Rotløs one-night-stand" at Los, Group Show, photographs, Copenhagen DK

2016 March-June - "Lyset" – solo exhibition at Sønderborg Musikskole, DK

2015 November – ”Kvit Opening Exhibition” – Group Exhibition, photography, Copenhagen DK

2015 January ”Fatamorganas Vinterudstilling” – Group Exhibition, photography/text, Copenhagen DK

2014 October – ”i midten af en tid” – Group Show, Copenhagen DK

2014 June – ”What a Wonderful World” – Censored Group Exhibition, Nees, DK

2014 June – ”Fatamorganas Sommerudstilling 2014” – Group Show, Copenhagen DK

2014 March – ”jeg har altså en udstilling” – Group Show, photography, Copenhagen DK

2014 January ”Fatamorganas Vinterudstilling 2014” – Group Exhibition, Copenhagen DK

2013 November – ”November” – Group Show, Copenhagen DK

2013 May-June – ”Artgoing Projects 2013” – Group Exhibition, Flensburg DE

2013 May – ”BGKs Afgangsudstilling 2013” – Group Exhibition, installation/photography, Sønderborg DK



2017 September - Trappe Tusind #16, photographs, Copenhagen DK

2017 June - "Myths of the Marble" in HATE ON ME zine launched w RCPP at HKW, play, Berlin DE
2017 May - "Den Smukke Hest" in Københavnske Istidende, text, Copenhagen DK


2019 May     FKDS one-year Artists Studio Program at Kunstnernes Hus 19/20

2012 June     Sydbanks Store Rejselegat 2012, Sønderborg Statsskole  



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