Niels Munk Plum (1992, Sønderborg DK) Lives and works between Copenhagen and Oslo. 

He works with staging the body and language in a performance-based discourse where the aim is to queer the self from the use of already existing logic.



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Niels Munk Plum’s works takes place through subverting the classical structures of art production, and aims to implement a stronger sense of autonomy within the receiving subject.

This is done by horizontalization; creating an emphasis on process instead of the finished work. The intention and agenda brings the audience in to a situation within the work, that will exist as a moment of exchange and collaboration, still held together by the structure of the initial artistic plan.

The situation turns into a stage for us to use our fantasy to cross material-, social-, or conventional borders.

Plum’s works often appears as performative, however the content also establishes itself through a score of images, objects or words installed to create a physical dialogue set in relation to the artist and the audience.

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shows :

Upcoming ~

2024 March-April - Soloshow at REDAN Galleri, Malmö SE

Past ~

2023 Apr-July - RIGID ROOM a part of "Konstväxlingar" at Odenplan Metro Station, Stockholm SE

2023 Feb - A NEW LOOP 6 / "Where am I? Prints 1985-1922" by Carrol Dunham at The National Museum in Oslo NO

2022 Oct-Nov - SEJE SOPA with LARS, Lisboa PT

2022 June-Sep -  () NEW LOOP () w Oda Bjørnholm & Sebastian Biong / "Jeg kaller det kunst" at The National Museum in Oslo NO

2022 August - "The Space & Its Double" / A part of pile by Jessica Williams & Hverdag Books, NO


2022 May        - DURA VIDA "The Annual Exhibition 2022" at Malmö Art Academy, Malmö SE

2022 April      -  UDSTILLING 08 Lyser Grønt Igen, Igen w. Anna Sofie Mathiasen at Springbrættet 6a, Copenhagen DK

2022 February    - RIGID ROOM  MFA Graduation Exhibition at KHM2, Konsthögskolan i Malmö SE

2021 December - "222" at Ergi presents... at BOA, Oslo, NO

2021 December - Defunding The Artist Who Broke Our Heart Collaborative Show at Studio 17, Stavanger NO

2021 December - Old News Group Show at Celsius Projects, Malmö, SE

2021 August      - Performing SAY at "Warm Little Pond" w. Salon 75 at JUXTAPOSE Art Fair, Aarhus DK

2021 May    - SPELLING / "Annual Year Exhibition 2021" Malmö Art Academy SE

2021 March - LASSOO performance at "No Set No Rise" Groupshow at Galleri Q, Copenhagen DK

2020 December - April - MEADOW in "Touching 2022", interactive online group exhibition, Oslo/Sthlm/Cph

2020 Oct-Dec - Actor in THE RADICAL FLU - a radio play with Rose Hammer at Oslo Bienalen, Oslo NO

2020 July - SPONTAN RELIEF at Atelier 2, Kunstnernes Hus, Solo exhibition/performance, Oslo NO

2020 April - HORIZONS in "Atelierportrætter" by the FKDS-stipends at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo NO

2019 July -  PERLER, group exhibition curated by Mette Frandsen as a part of Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen DK

2019 May - Actor in Grini and the futures of Norway with Rose Hammer at Oslo Bienalen 2019, Oslo NO

2019 May - FLOW CHALLENGE for "In Your Court" at Jennifer Artspace, Gothenburg SE

2019 May - TWO SPACES a part of "Kunstakademiets Bachelorutstilling 2019" at Ila Pensjonat, Oslo NO

2019 May - 3 COLOURS as a part of "Det Ikke Styrte" formidlingsseminar at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo NO

2019 Jan/Feb - 3 COLOURS as a part of Destiny's Gratinée at Kunstnernes Hus, performance, Oslo NO

2018 December - The ongoing is really going on at KHIO, curated exhibition and performance programme, Oslo NO

2018 November - Cut it in Two Halves at "After School Special", Kunsthall Bergen, performance, Bergen NO

2018 November - I Breeze into the Next Minute at KHIO, collab exhibition w Zishi Han , Oslo NO

2018 August - GARDEN STAGE at "Every Breath You Take", Salzburg Summer Academy, Performance, Salzburg AT

2018 August - Guided Mirabell Tour Livestream between Salzburg & Oslo, Bingo Night @ Ingensteds, NO/AT

2018 June - EPIC_SURFACE at Vigelands Museet, Piknik i Parken, Installation, Oslo NO

2018 March - Conversation Piece at "Sensing Time, Rhythms & Ephemerailties"  at Kunstnernes Hus, Group show, Performance, Oslo NO

2018 March - DESIRE OBJECT at "Futura Classics A/S" at Galleri Seilduken, Group show, Installation, Oslo NO

2018 February - Reading in CPH READS program by Forlaget Cris & Guldmann, Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen DK

2018 January - DAWN_OF_DAY at Belas Artes Ulisboa, Installation/performance, Lisbon PT

2017 November - "Get serious!" at P0 Gallery, Group Show, reading, Oslo NO

2017 September - RAINBOW_SNAKE at "Sexy Bydel" performance, Oslo NO

2017 August - DESIRE PATH at the opening of KHIO 2017/18, performance, Oslo NO

2017 June - Mail Art Exhibition at Galleri Kvit, Curated Group Show, zine, Copenhagen DK

2017 March - LEMONADE at Romlab, KHIO, Solo Show/Performance, Oslo NO

2016 November - Kvit 1 år! at Galleri Kvit, Group Exhibition, photographs, Copenhagen DK

2016 September - Sex with Me so Amazing at Galleri Seilduken, Group Exhibition, installation, Oslo NO

2016 September - Rotløs one-night-stand at Los, Group Show, photographs, Copenhagen DK

2015 November – Kvit Opening Exhibition – Group Exhibition, photography, Copenhagen DK

2015 January Fatamorganas Vinterudstilling – Group Exhibition, photography/text, Copenhagen DK

2014 October – i midten af en tid – Group Show, Copenhagen DK

2014 June – What a Wonderful World – Censored Group Exhibition, Nees, DK

2014 June – Fatamorganas Sommerudstilling 2014 – Group Show, Copenhagen DK

2014 March – jeg har altså en udstilling – Group Show, photography, Copenhagen DK

2014 January Fatamorganas Vinterudstilling 2014 – Group Exhibition, Copenhagen DK

2013 November – November – Group Show, Copenhagen DK

2013 May-June – Artgoing Projects 2013 – Group Exhibition, Flensburg DE

2013 May – BGKs Afgangsudstilling 2013 – Group Exhibition, installation/photography, Sønderborg DK



2022 October - Unfix A Word A Work A World in The Yearbook 21/22, Malmö Art Academy, SE

2022 August - The Space & Its Double a collab w Jessica Williams, Hverdag Books at Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo NO

2022 July - The NEW LOOP T-shirt made in collab with KARMAKLUBB

2022 Febuary - The HORSE sweater as a part of the SOUVENIR collection in collab w 10/10

2021 September - Mellanspel, Konsthögskolan i Malmö SE

2017 September - Trappe Tusind #16, photographs, Copenhagen DK

2017 June - "Myths of the Marble" in HATE ON ME zine launched w RCPP at HKW, play, Berlin DE
2017 May - "Den Smukke Hest" in Københavnske Istidende, text, Copenhagen DK



2020-22 / MFA / Malmö Art Academy (SE)

2016-19 / BFA / Oslo National Academy of the Arts (NO)

2018 / MATERIAL?! w Yorgos Sapountzis / Summer Academy Salzburg (AT)

2017-18 / Arte Multimedia  / Belas Artes Ulisboa (PT)

2015 / Creative Writing Course / Gladiatorskolen (DK)

2015 / Graphic Novel Workshop w Halfdan Pisket / Gladiators Sommerstævne at Krabbesholm (DK)

2013-2014 / Fatamorgana - The Danish School of Art Photography (DK) x

2012-2013 / BGK – Sønderjyllands Kunstskole (DK)


2022 Oct      Diversestipendiet for Nyutdannede Kunstnere 2022, Kulturrådet

2019 May     FKDS one-year Artists Studio Program at Kunstnernes Hus 19/20

2012 June     Sydbanks Store Rejselegat 2012, Sønderborg Statsskole



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